kamers riad aicha marrakech

All rooms have air conditioning and mechanical ventilation. The bathrooms are complete and the rooms are spacious to Moroccan terms. But life in a riad happens especially in the patio and the drawing room.
We have a non smoking policy for the rooms and the lounge.


Room 1. "Bab Ailen"

This is the first room on the ground floor. It is an average wide room. The soft red colors remind of  the red city, a nickname often used for Marrakesh. Furthermore  the shades of grey in different Moroccan plaster create an intimate atmosphere. The floor is covered with cement with a mixture of marble and “tadelakt”. There is a double bed and one or up to two extra single beds can be added.



Room 2. "Mellah"

This room is in an ocher color and is also located on the ground floor between the  salon and the kitchen. It has a double bed, which can be changed in two single beds. Ocher colors are from natural color pigments which can be found around Marrakesh: from brown to yellow and red. These soft colors are used in the tadelakt, stucco and paint of thisroom. The shower is inspired by the Berber showers that are still used today.



Room 3. "Bab Doukala"

This is the first room upstairs. This room has two windows overlooking the patio and another window that opens on the outside. This is quite unusual:  a Moroccan house (riad) is an inside-turned-house without windows to the outside walls. So it is an eyeless-window.(fake window). There is a fixed bed to which up to two single beds can be added. The bathroom floor is Morrocan marble and the room floor is a combination of all different kinds of tiles. A double arch above the bed makes of this room a romantic place.



Room 4. "Gueliz"

This is a brown tinted room on the first floor, where the floor as well as the walls are covered with a lot of bricks. The price of this room is of the category average. This room has a double bed which can also be changed in two single beds. It is possible to add up to two single beds. The bathroom has a granite floor with motif. The floor of the room is a combination of cement with marble shavings. tadelakt and shades of color.



Room 5. "Palmeraie"

This white room is also on the first floor. It is the largest room and the single one with a higher price. The bathroom is comfortable and has a romantic double-shower. The floor is made of marble, while the room is covered with a mosaic of glazing and natural bricks. There is a fixed bed with the possibly of adding one or two single beds. It is a room with bright colors, as which has a result of making the room even larger. The light around the bed makes it romantic.



Room 6. "Medina"

This room, with the dominant green color, is also on the first floor. There is a double bed. A canopy above the bed creates an intimate and romantic atmosphere. The floor is tiled, and the pattern gives a contemporary look. The bathroom has a double sink and the Berber shower is surprisingly: "Beldi" one would call this here in Marrakesh.


Room 7. "Koutoubia"

This room is located on the roof terrace and actually has a few extras: a fireplace, TV and a kitchenette. It has a mosaic floor with handmade tiles. The double bed can possibly be folded up. You are right outside on the roof terrace from your room. The bathroom has a beautiful traditional mirror and sink with inlaid chopped pieces of tiles ("pissier")